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Dental Implant Sales Solution

Most Personalized Dental Implant Marketing Solution

We Will Position You and Your Practice As The Top Implant Service Provider in Your Ideal Market

Dental Implant Sales Solution

Dramatically Increase Your Implant Sales

We Will Position You and Your Practice As The Top Implant Service Provider in Your Ideal Market


Dental Implant Sales Solutions is dedicated to helping dentists and oral surgeons attract and convert high-valued dental implant patients.  Through multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, we educate patients to overcome dental implant barriers, delivering high-value dental implant cases to grow your practice.

Our process was developed by building one of our client’s implant practice by more than 1,000% and garnered over 600 high-quality and valuable leads in 12 months.

Let us show you the power of paid traffic marketing executed at the highest level.

Our proven sales marketing system will make you more profitable than ever before. With our experienced professional team, we will work extremely hard to generate you leads and support your team to effectively close dental implant patients.

With our proven method combined with top quality graphics content, social media and digital marketing, you will receive real leads from real people interested in improving their health.



Facebook is the most successful platform we use to build your brand, educate potential patients, position you as a leader, and explain what makes you stand out to generate solid leads.



Instagram allows us to reach patients through visually engaging images to promote your brand and boost brand awareness.



Connect through creative and memorable videos showcasing dental implant transformations from real patients and introduction videos that will build patient confidence and generates leads.

Google Leads


Google Ads is still the main source when searching information online. It is important to be found on Google when patients are researching top local implant dentists.

Dental Implant Sales Solution


Our years of experience in marketing dental practices allow us to recommend the best and most effective solutions for your practice to gain more quality patient leads.

  • Most inclusive and complete sales system on the market for top implant dentists.
  • Customized marketing solution to gain the specific types of implant patients your practice wants. 
  • Attract larger and more qualified cases than ever before.
  • Our multi-technique approach will consistently provide new implant leads.
  • We track and report our results, with full transparency to our clients
  • We work with you, alongside your team to deliver results, providing strategies and techniques specific to your practice and your professional needs.
  • Our system will greatly increase your bottom line
  • Flexible terms
  • Transparent on media spends; Google AdWords, Facebook Ads
  • An investment you will not regret

Our personalized dental marketing program was strategically developed to educate patients and encourage them to reach out to your office for a consultation. With a custom website and coordinating marketing materials, we can set you apart from other implant practices.

Set up your marketing consultation today to achieve your new patient and practice goals.



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Bruce Smoler

Leads Received in past 12 months

We have worked with Dr. Bruce Smoler to develop the best lead generation system. Dental Implant Sales Solutions (DISS) balances out gaining quality leads with educating patients prior to their visit. With the support of the DISS program, Dr. Smoler has experienced 300% implant patient growth in 2 1/2 years.

“I can’t say enough about this program generating leads.  It has been perfected and grown my practice over 300%. The DISS program has allowed me to move away from general dentistry and focus on implants. If you want to speak to me directly and hear about my experience, feel free to contact me.”

Dr. Bruce A. Smoler, DDS, FAGD, FICOI is a native of the Detroit area. After an accelerated three years of college, he attended Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago, IL. This four-year, year-round program allowed him to advance his skill, knowledge and understanding in dentistry. Dr Smoler was one of the first dentists to gain knowledge and experience with Dental Implant Therapy. This advanced training gave Dr. Smoler invaluable insight to further propel his professional growth.

  • Founder of Smoler Smiles Family & Implant Dentistry
  • Over 35 years in serving dental patients
  • Second Generation Dentist
  • Compassionate & Gifted Detroit Dentist
  • Over 6,000 hours of Dental Continuing Education Courses
  • Advanced Training Certificates from across the country
  • Lectures, trains, & mentors dentists throughout the United States


Our ongoing follow up marketing campaigns are extremely effective to make sure patients reach back out to us when they are ready to proceed with dental implants. We have had new leads from potential patients who first reached out over a year ago.


Targeted digital campaigns through Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, directing potential patients to implant focused landing page, online chat, survey form & follow up marketing campaigns.


Personalized landing page and dental implant guide featuring doctor, experience, practice and implant education to inform potential patients on various options and cost prior to their visit.


Providing your office’s dedicated implant coordinator real-time delivery of every lead submitted in an easy to maintain dashboard.


Connect with patients through social media and email marketing to keep your brand top of mind.


We offer techniques personalized to meet your dental implant needs. Through multi-channel digital marketing campaigns, we educate patients to overcome dental implant barriers, delivering high-value dental implant cases to grow your practice.

Landing Pages


All ad pages custom designed to showcase you and your practice to achieve your specific goals. Targeted ad campaigns developed to attract high-value patients.

Implant Guide


Your custom designed digital implant guide will educate and gather high-valued patients.  With implant comparison & cost overview, before & after photos, along with answers to common questions and concerns, your potential patients will feel comfortable with their decision before their appointment.

AI Chats


Artificial Intelligence Chat feature live on your site 24/7; capturing leads while you’re asleep!  A custom script is created based on your office needs, with the ability to answer common questions and capture quality implant leads.



Recapture leads from both social and email marketing with our follow up email campaigns.  Keep patients informed and up-to-date on your services and your practice.


Smoler Implant Guide

As part of the DISS program, we develop a custom implant guide for your practice. Each guide includes key elements:

  • Attractive, Professional design
  • Copywriting drafted to reflect your office’s strengths and benefits
  • Educational content to help patients determine if they are a candidate for dental implants including FAQs, pricing charts, and what to expect

Your custom implant guide, can help patients who:

  • Are hesitant or nervous about getting dental work done
  • Are looking for an implant dentist and are unsure of who to go to
  • Are unaware of the latest technologies and options of dental implants available



How much of an ROI can I expect?

Our Dental Implant Sales Solution has been tested and proven, utilizing successful strategies from the start. We guarantee that you will see additional leads and sales that will far outweigh the cost of the program, allowing your practice to grow greater than ever before.

Difficulty closing implant patients?

We will support and coach your team with how to follow up and listen to potential patient needs to optimize closing high-value implant services. We can also connect you with one of our partner organizations that focus on closing sales in the dental implant industry.

Do you customize your marketing program to fit my needs?

We can customize our program to match the level of services you provide, the size of your office, or the number of leads you are looking for.

Can you update or build me a new website?

Our expertise in the dental industry provides us with the knowledge to update or develop a new website to showcase your practice, and generate high-value quality leads.

Can you help me advertise my general dentistry services?

Yes, we can. In addition to implant dentistry marketing, we can also market your general dentistry services to help grow your practice.

How will I receive my leads?

We report on new leads daily, and provide weekly and monthly transparent high level reports from all traffic and leads generated.

How often will my campaign be updated?

We constantly work to improve and update the look of your campaign and content. We design to fit the needs of each of our clients to provide the highest value and quality leads.

Dramatically Increase Your Implant Sales

Discover how Dental Implant Sales Solutions can benefit your practice

Dental Implant Sales Solutions

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